January 22, 2018

Classic Black With Pearls

I feel like an all black ensemble paired with pearls is about as classic as a look can get, but for some reason I never seem to reach for pearls. I've had this 3 strand faux pearl necklace for a while now, but I'm always afraid pearls might be a bit too firmly associated with the "50's housewife" look. It would perhaps be better to consider that stereotype as a creative challenge. How to make pearls less prim?

By contrast, wearing all black is much more comfortable for me! I used to wear the shade almost exclusively for several years back in college, and it's still a reliable look to fall back on when "I've got nothing to wear!". I did however make a mistake when constructing this black wool pencil skirt that is only thing keeping it from being a true favorite in my closet. The waistband is just a bit tight, the rest of the skirt fits fine, I just needed to give myself a smidgen more room when I finished the waistband! So it isn't my most comfortable skirt, but really I should try and fix it- even just moving the skirt hook could help a little bit. The wool is really lovely and I have another similar length of fabric that I bought the same day to make an A-line skirt that I haven't gotten to yet. One can never have too many basic black skirts in different fibers and weights of fabric!

I was happy to finally wear the ivory wool beret hat that I bought last spring in Paris at the famous Galeries Lafayette department store. Even they have a cheesy touristy stuff section despite being one of Paris' biggest and most fancy department stores, and that section was where I picked up this beret. A bit nicer in quality -and pricier to match- than the other 2 euro berets on every tourist stand (I snapped up several of those too!), the all wool hat was helping to keep my ears (well, one ear really) warm on this rather chilly day. The lovely matching ivory doors behind me here are on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder, which technically is a rival school of my own alma mater Colorado State University, but I'll admit Boulder's campus is prettier than CSU's. I don't have many historic buildings to admire here in Colorado, so I don't mind wandering around college campuses just to admire the architecture.

I just can't believe it's nearing the end of January already! I feel like I am only just waking up from my holiday-season-hibernation and have a ton to do, but I always feel like there's a ton I want to do. Instead of work however, I'm going to go see Phantom Thread this afternoon with my mom :) One can't be working all the time right?

Skirt: Made by me
Top: Banana Republic
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Handbag, Belt, & Jewelry: Vintage
Beret: Galeries Lafayette

New Video: Closet Tour!

Over here on the good ol' blog (blogs are so passé, so 2008 these days, which is too bad because I still LOVE them), you all see my wardrobe all the time in my weekly outfit posts, and I have blogged about my hat storage before, but this weekend on YouTube I put up a video tour of my closet! I am the closet historian after all, I love a good closet.

So if you have ever been curious about how I store my vintage jewelry and accessories, or my retro clothes and repro shoes, now you can see for yourself! I don't quite have the Dita Von Teese style dressing room/closet of my dreams just yet, but I am lucky to have a small walk in closet and some good dresser real estate in my bedroom for storage. 

I have actually been thinking a lot about going through my wardrobe with a really fine toothed comb and weeding out some things that are no longer bringing me joy, which sounds so floaty to say, but I have a feeling it might help me with styling if I clear away some stuff that is no longer fully "me". Style evolves after all, which reminds me- please don't go look at my first year of outfit posts unless you need a laugh. At least looking back at old photos is a reminder that I have made a lot of progress towards truly finding my personal style and visual voice. I'd love to keep learning about styling, and have been looking at some different modern fashion blogs lately to try and get inspired in new ways. If only I had access to full copies of 1940's fashion magazines, I'm sure they would be full of ideas!

Must just be part of that January feeling, craving the new, craving renewal itself. Is anyone else taking stock of their wardrobe and making new plans for their style? The world may be a tornado of nope, but fashion still provides a fun escape for us very lucky few <3

January 19, 2018

Simple Spirals

Purple and Black always make a fine pair, and I was rather in a rut this past week on how else to style things around my purple locks. The same day these photos were taken I went to the beauty supply shop on my way home and bought supplies to switch up my hair color a bit by adding in some darker roots and a sheer silver glaze through the ends to tone things down. I really like how the updated color came out so you will be seeing it soon. I didn't want to get rid of all the purple, I mean, I do like purple you know!

As I'm typing this it is past my bedtime and I really need to go to sleep, so I'm afraid I'll be keeping it rather brief tonight. It finally snowed a bit as you can see, but more importantly we discovered these beautiful staircases on the side of the building we were shooting around and they seemed almost magical like something out of a fairy tale. More from me soon, but for now I'm off to dreamland...happy Friday everyone!

Skirt & Bolero: Made by me
Top: Banana Republic Factory
Gloves, Handbag, Belt, & Brooch: Vintage
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes

January 17, 2018

New Video: 2017 Film Favorites

Well look who finally put a video together again. This one was a troublemaker for some reason, I had to re-film the whole thing after deeming the first take unusable (I got a little too feminist on the first try, which isn't a thing, but it is on YouTube where they burn people at the stake for that kinda thing), and then on the second try my microphone gave out near the end! I re-filmed the end part one last time and finally managed to edit everything together. I still have so much to learn when it comes to making videos!

This isn't even a vintage related video, it's just me talking about my favorites from all of the films I watched last year. If you like movies however, or at all wonder what kinds of movies I like, hopefully you will find this video a least interesting since it took me ages to make ;) I hope to start uploading videos weekly this year, so let me know if there are any topics you would like to hear me ramble on about! 

...and yes, I dyed my hair right after editing this footage and seeing how bad my roots were getting. It's still mostly purple but just a bit ombre now so it looks less silly!

I hope you are all having a good week, and if not don't worry- it's almost the weekend again!

January 15, 2018

Berry Bright Light

I'm having rather a tough time getting good photos lately. I'm not sure if it's the winter light, my camera going haywire, or a combination of both, but many of my photos are too bright and/or quite blurry! Of course I'm certain some ISO adjustments or the like could improve the situation, but I'm just not informed enough about photography to be sure how to solve my issues. A new lens may be in order...grrr...but enough of me complaining!

What I'm really saying is, please forgive me if these photos seem a bit off to you- they do to me too. I feel like my blog, my YouTube channel, and my uhhh self have gotten off to rather a slow start this new year. Still, I had some good news this week, and bought myself a new dress to celebrate that news, so things are looking up! I just need to actually focus instead of letting myself get distracted by the sludge. Are you aware of the sludge? It's that slow, creeping, tired feeling that whispers "watch this instead of doing laundry..." or, "you can sew that next weekend..." and, "just lay here on the floor and play with the cat all day..."

I am rather fond of playing with our cats, but somehow the work needs to get done! So I'm going to try harder this week. It is Monday after all, what better day to start fresh? I've got some videos to edit, and some scheduling to do, but then I will continue to cuddle my cats. Where is the balance and where can I get some?

Jacket: Vintage, Fab Gabs (Etsy)
Skirt, Clutch, Gloves, Scarf, Flower pin: Vintage
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Remix
Beret: Target

January 11, 2018

Coyote Song Trail

I have noted before that I live in what was once the "Wild West". I was born in California, but have lived in Colorado for 13 years now, essentially living half of my life in each state. I'm about as far from any typical western stereotype as a gal can be: I can't surf the Cali waves, I don't really know how to ride a horse, I certainly don't know how to pan for gold, and you will never see me taking up rock climbing. No, I go out on trails named things like "Coyote Song Trail" not equipt with spurs, nor even modern running shoes, I go out looking ready for a board meeting and I get some really funny looks for doing so. It's for fashion people, come on! It's not like I'm actually going on a hike in my pumps, I'm just here to borrow the pretty scenery. Also, add that to the list- I don't hike...

But despite my being dressed for a board meeting out in the frontier, Coloradans are curiously kind about it, even when they obviously find it quite curious indeed. It's a pretty great place to live all things considered, even if London still has my heart (and might as well be on a different planet it is so different). Luckily the scenery here in the foothills still has a lot going for it even in winter, when everything turns to tan and dies away. I still wish we had at least a dusting of snow! We've had so little snowfall so far this year, everyone seems wary it will all come at once and we'll be buried in it for all of March.

So what does one wear for a little nature walk to check out some beautiful striped rocks jutting out of the ground? Well this time I wore my flecked tweed wool pencil skirt and a soft wrapped knit top in a dark forestry-teal-ish green shade. I'm not sure this style of top is very flattering on me, (a long line bra would help add some sleek-ness, but eh) but I really love the color and it is super comfortable. Like with the grey blue velvet dress I wore recently, I decided on my brown crocodile stamped leather accessories as an accent once again. These Remix heels are already becoming a staple in my shoe wardrobe! 

It's earth toned ensembles like this one that really make me miss having brown hair. I must be super restless as I can't decide what to do with my hair next, and everyone knows when you want to change your hair what you really want to change is your life in some way (the breakup=haircut cliche being the most obvious trope here), it's just that hair is much easier to change! Sometimes I think I've been rather rash and immature dyeing my hair purple, but then I catch a glimpse of it glowing in the sun and its so pretty and I want to keep it a bit longer. Hmm...

I hope all of you are doing well this second week of the new year. Despite only being a handful of days into the new year, I think I need to reevaluate my goals and projects already so my timelines are a bit more realistic. Oops! I always forget that while my ideas and project list may be endless, my time, motivation, and energy are not. Back to that good old fashion new year shuffle...

Skirt: Made by me
Top: Banana Republic
Coat: Thrifted
Shoes: Remix
Fishnets: Amazon
Clutch, Gloves, & Jewelry: Vintage

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